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Permits for you-cut trees are available from private, federal forests

On the busiest “Christmas tree” hunting and bough gathering weeks of the year, Washington’s Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is asking for the public’s help to protect school trust land trees. Trees and boughs are not available from trust lands, but private you-cut and national forest permits are available. “Cutting a Christmas tree is a great family tradition,” said Doug Sutherland, Commissioner of Public Lands. “But people need to remember that cutting trees or boughs from a state forests isn’t allowed.”

DNR is steward of state trustland forests managed to help fund construction of public schools, universities and other state institutions, and to help fund local services in many westside counties.

Christmas tree cutting adventure — the right alternatives.

Private tree farms offer varied types of trees, and types of experiences for patrons to cut a “Christmas tree.” Phone books or newspaper ads provide information.

For a $5 fee, you can cut a tree in a national forest. Permits are available at Hood Canal Ranger District in Hoodsport, Quilcene Ranger District in Quilcene, Quinault Ranger District in Quinault, Soleduck Ranger District in Forks, or in Olympia at 1835 Black Lake Blvd. Phone: 360-956-2402.

Please be careful when you cut a tree or some boughs. Cutting boughs can destroy decades-old trees that are well on their way to becoming forests. When the top branches are cut off a young tree, it is more vulnerable to disease that ultimately can destroy it.

Help protect state trust land trees that will build Washington’s future schools

As always, DNR officials are asking private citizens to help thwart theft by calling the county sheriff or a toll-free DNR hotline, 1-800-527-3305, if they suspect trees or boughs are being cut from trust lands. Penalties for damaging or stealing trust land evergreens can include fines and jail time. The more serious cases are turned over to a county prosecutor who cooperates with DNR


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