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What Are the Regional Differences in The Traditional American Christmas Dinner

Isn't it funny how people assume that everyone east the same meal for Christmas dinner?  There are regional and cultural differences. If fresh oysters are plentiful, as they are in Virginia, you would expect to see them on the menu. Same with Salmon in the Pacific Northwest. Or the "Feast of the Seven Fishes" in Italian communities. Have we missed one?  Use the feedback form to let us know!

Dish  Region, Group or States where it is most popular
Bread pudding with a dash of bourbon Kentucky
Chinese food Jewish-Americans, and of course, families who burn the turkey.
Christmas cookies Michigan especially, but everyone likes them
Cornbread stuffing South
Crab legs Alaska
Feast of the seven fishes Italian communities
Flan Arizona
Green bean casserole Georgia and Utah
Ham Virginia and much of the South
Mashed potatoes Kansas
cheesy fondue potatoes Wisconsin
Oysters Virginia
Pork: kālua pig & cabbage Hawaii
Red Velvet cake South
Salmon Pacific Northwest
Shrimp Gulf coast areas (MS, LA, )
Steak - cast-iron skillet steak Montana
Sweet potatoes: mashed, baked in a pie, or covered with marshmallows in a casserole   New England
Sweet potato casserole with a marshmallow topping Deep South
Tamales Southwest


United Kingdom

A typical and traditional Christmas dinner in the United Kingdom includes roast turkey, cranberry sauce, roast parsnips and/or roast potatoes, carrots, Brussels sprouts;  stuffing; some sausages, gravy; and often a Yorkshire pudding.

For dessert, a plum pudding is traditional. That's a very dense somewhat fruitcake-like substance made of suet, candied fruit, which is soaked in brandy for weeks, then before it is served, it is steamed for hours , more brandy is added and it is set on fire and served. It is then topped off with a sauce made of brandy, sugar, and butter.



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