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Review of EverGreen Helper Automatic Christmas Tree Watering Device

I have seen many Christmas tree watering devices over the years... and this one is different! The EverGreen Helper is simple, sturdy, effective and easy to use.

I've never endorsed an automatic tree watering device before because they have been quite simply awful. EverGreen is the first I've seen that works well, works reliably and is easy to use. And best of all, your aren't spilling water all over the place when using it or filling or refilling it.

How does it work?

EverGreen is a simple gravity feed siphon. A reservoir of water (available in 4 quart and 6 quart sizes) is place behind or next to your Christmas tree. A plastic tube carries the water to the Christmas tree stand by gravity and gravity maintains the supply. The level will be the same as in the tree stand, EverGreen Helper contentsso as water evaporates or is taken up by the tree, it moves from the reservoir to the tree and the level in the reservoir drops.

NOTE: in the photos, the plastic tub on the left is just a container I used to simulate the tree stand to be able to show the connections and water levels.

Specs and Details

The reservoir is a pretty sturdy plastic container with a lid that seals tightly, eliminating the worry of a dog, cat or other pet drinking the water.

It does not leak, the connections are tight. If you knock it over on its side, it will slowly leak water. My suggestion is to put it against the wall next to the tree where it won't get knocked over. If you have big boisterous dogs, you could always set it inside a dishpan or bucket and put a brick or rock on top of it.

The box says the tubing is 3 ft, but ours actually measured 4 ft long,EverGreen Helper plenty long enough for the reservoir be be away from the base of the tree.

How often must you refill it?

That depends on how thirsty your tree is, which depends on the variety of the tree and the temperature of the room where the tree is. I'd go with the 6 quart size. Based on past Christmas tree water experience, I would think the 6 quart would go safely several days.

I would think you could "daisy-chain" several of them together if you are going away for a week.. Of course, you could get several of these and run them each directly to the tree, which would accomplish the same thing.

Advantages and disadvantages

This simple device eliminates the need to crawl under the tree, getting poked in the eye by branches and needles to refill the tree stand!Overhead view of EverGreen Helper

  • Simple

  • Reliable

  • Effective

  • No mess

  • Your tree will keep its needles longer (see below)

  • Reduces fire risk

I really don't see any disadvantages. I suppose a huge size reservoir (5 to 10 gallons) would be good for folks who go away for a week or two, as many families do at Christmas. But, as I noted above, you could just by several of the 6 qt ones and run them each to the tree.

If you have a dog that likes to chew on things, the plastic tubing might be a tempting target. You could always take a 4 ft long piece of an old garden hose and put the tubing through that to protect it. Or cover the tubing with a throw rug.EverGreen Helper

Final thoughts

You might think, "I don't need this, I'll just crawl under the tree and fill the stand every day." Yeah, right... Here's the problem: you won't. And if you let the level of water in the tree stand go below the bottom of the trunk just once, the pores in the bottom of the tree dry up and become a plug that prevents the tree from taking up water as well when you do refill it.

That's why Christmas tree farms and lots keep their trees standing in water and why those who don't offer to provide a "fresh cut" when you buy the tree.

Once the tree goes dry the needles start to fall and the tree stops being a beautiful symbol of Christmastime and instead becomes a fire hazard.

Get the EverGreen Helper!

Note: am I compensated for this endorsement?. Nope, I was not paid to write this, nor a promise of payment. If you buy one through the links provided, yes, I will receive a commission, which helps me keep this website going (this is the 15th year!).


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